Top 6 Reasons for InfoTV Digital Signage

Benefits of having your own television channel


Be Attractive

Attract your audience with large, bight LED displays.


Be Focused

Target your message directly to specific people.


Be Prepared

Prepare messages in advance for scheduled showing.


Be Recognized

Present your brand identity and improve retention.


Be Responsive

Quick and easy content updates using pre-designed templates.


Be Connected

Access anywhere in the world using the Internet.


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Corporations use in-house TV networks to communicate effectively with employees . . . Provincial health centres utilize flat panel displays in their waiting rooms to inform and educate patients while they wait . . . Large televisions in store-front windows attract pass-by traffic with daily specials.

How will you implement your television network?

  • Waiting Room TV
  • Retirement TV
  • Employee TV
  • Travel TV
  • Community Health Centre TV
  • Hospitality TV


PowerPoint TV

Easy-to-Use Digital Signage

PowerTV Software

PowerTV is a combination of PowerPoint and our popular InfoTV Digital Signage Service. It is a desktop application that combines the authoring capability of PowerPoint with the easy distribution and playback functionality of InfoTV.

The benefit is that you are able to produce professional-looking content from scratch or by using pre-designed templates, then easily schedule and distribute that content to one or many televisions.

  • Easy to use
  • Better looking displays
  • Less production time
  • Communicate quickly

About Us

Since 1993, utilizing the convergence of computers and television to drastically reduce the cost of delivering multimedia content to a target audience. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which translates directly into benefits for our clients.

InfoTV is a Web-based Digital Signage solution for delivering multimedia content to flat panel televisions. Eye-catching messages are easily distributed to one or many locations and instantly seen by a target audience.


Pricing Plan





  • Publisher & Player licenses
  • Over 100 templates
  • Secure online access
  • Entertainment content
  • PowerPoint editing
  • Publish to multiple sites
  • **Hardware not included


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