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NEW - PowerPoint Add-In

Easy production with PowerPoint

PowerPoint Add-In is a desktop application that integrates with PowerPoint to create, schedule and publish content to one or many televisions in different locations. If you already use PowerPoint, then you can start producing and publishing content immediately for professional looking digital signage. If you do not already use PowerPoint, that's okay, just choose from a library of templates and you too can publish content right away. Leverage your social media content and pictures.

Content is king but presentation is queen. We have made it easy for you to present professional-looking messages, so you always get the attention of your audience.

Create professional results

PowerPoint is the best kept secret when it comes to producing professional-looking content and digital signage. Most of the content on this website is produced using PowerPoint as well as all of the content that is presented on our network of televisions across Canada. We have tapped into great value by using PowerPoint and we can guide you on how to do the same.

PowerPoint is an inexpensive production tool you can utilize to easily present great-looking messages, and always get the attention of your audience.

Add value to what you already have

Instantly create great looking content by applying what you already know and by utilizing what you already have. Use your social media content to have a social media tv. Get the attention of your audience with eye-catching messages presented on large displays. Imagine having your own television channel that you control what you communicate, when you communicate and to whom you communicate.

The technology is available, proven and affordable, plus you are already half the way there. Start now!

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